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Miti & Leggende visual music

The imaginary world of people has always been a meeting place for people from different countries and eras. Myths and legends visual music contains the experiences and teachings to hand on, helping us learn more about such as differences as similarities among different cultures. This can make it easier interaction between faraway universes.  

Here is the "Concept" of "Miti & Leggende", something different than a normal concert: it is an emotional experience conveyed through evocative music, original songs, lights, visual effects and video on big screen.  

Traveling from the fabulous Antlantis to the legendary city of Camelot, from the enigmatic Bermuda Triangle, to the mysterious place that hide the lost Ark.

Five musicians and two singers takes the audience to a different time and into another space in a charming and fascinating multimedia show.

Last Update 19/05/2021